Tasha The Wonderdog


    Francoise Macomber is a Clinical Psychologist with "latent tendencies" toward the artistic . During her corporate career she has taken advantage of business trips to hone her photographic technique and grow her portfolio. She has won numerous Best In Show awards in major juried events and continues to be recognized as someone whose reverence and awe of our natural world is reflected in her images .
    National Parks and wilderness areas are her passion as are the critters found within their boundaries . She has been a SIGMA and NIKON shooter for over 20 years and is strictly digital . Her "workhorse " lenses are the magnificent SIGMA 300 - 800 and the amazing NIKON 200 - 400 .
    She resides in Bethlehem , Connecticut with her patient and able "equipment mule" husband Mark , Ranger the Australian Cattle Dog , Jake the hound , along with a herd of whitetail deer , pack of coyotes , and sundry other wild critters . Enjoy!!